How to Prepare for the Best Adventure Trip?

For a large number of people, the time off they get for their vacations is best spent in the comfort, luxury and safety provided by some of the leading hospitality establishments. Some people prefer to enjoy the sanctity and tranquility offered by a location with a lot of natural beauty around it. However, a rare few often want their vacation experience to be something more. Some people have a definitive need for adventure and so go forth looking for an adventurous vacation experience like none other. Thankfully, there are a large number of options available for them to indulge in the kind of thrills they are looking for. There are a number of options which are now available to tourists who want to add that touch of adventure to their vacation time. However, planning the adventure of a lifetime is also something which does require careful consideration.

The first thing to figure out is to determine how many people are prepared to go on a similar vacation. This involves taking into consideration the age, fitness levels and health advisories as well. The whole idea of taking an adventurous vacation hinges on the collective spirit of the group; therefore make sure that everyone is on board when it comes to deciding the types of adventure sports to be indulged in. The next step to take involves research. There are a lot of options available; therefore great care must be taken while choosing the right one, since it is the travel and the accommodation at the destination itself which will constitute the bulk of the expenses incurred throughout the entire trip. The next thing to decide is the kind of activities to be pursued. Some people might be fond of a particular adventurous sport, therefore, factoring in their choice is also something to consider.

Make sure all the relevant bookings are done as far ahead of time as possible, since doing so often helps adventurers minimize the total amount of money they would have otherwise ended up spending. A lot of the time people who want to be adventurous decide to be as impromptu as possible, choosing which way to go on a whim. This might seem like an extremely tempting proposition at the time, but the simple fact is that without the right amount of planning and preparation, there is a very good chance that this decision will turn out to be far more expensive than initially estimated. There are certain decisions of the adventure trip which can be made on the spot, but finalizing any detail, especially one involving expenses, beforehand can help vacationers save a lot of mental and financial strength.

Being physically prepared for an adventure trip is also a must. Going right from a sedentary office setting into something physically taxing, like climbing, white water rafting or even scuba diving can often cause serious health complications. Therefore, make sure you begin working out even before the idea of such a vacation materializes.

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20 Tips for Your Next Adventure Trip

Adventure Travel can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating ways to travel and see the world. It is full of new palces and cultures and allows you to really immerse yourself in the cultures and communities you visit.

Here are 20 tips for planning your next adventure trip:

Use the Internet to get information from travel guides; read travel blogs about the places you want to go; chat with travelers who have recently returned from an adventure trip; consult with local authorities; check what travel documents and visas are necessary and book flights and accommodations.

Plan your route carefully making use of reliable maps. Use terrain maps showing elevation, water crossings, mountains etc. Include in your route where you are going to sleep, plan the distance you want to cover in a day and how long will it take to get from resting point to resting point.

Make sure you have money in the local currency as most adventure trips are off the beaten track where Traveler’s Checks or foreign currency will not be accepted. Take some smaller denominations for tips, baksheesh and the occasional bribe!

Get your papers in order including detailed maps, passports, visas, insurance policy, camping or other permits. Carry with you photocopies of your passport and I.D. Don’t forget to take a list of any medical information (allergies, blood type) in case of emergency.

When choosing your adventure destination consider parts of the world that are endangered and unlikely to be around much longer, like Greenland’s Icebergs or areas with endangered species. See them while they still exist.

Perhaps one of the most important items for survival is water. Plan to take water and to know where to find water sources along your route.

Allow for emergency exits, places where you can ditch the trip if something goes wrong. Plan for at least two potential exit points each day where there is access to transport, means of communication or other contact with the world at large.

Plan the food for your adventure trip, consider how much you can carry, what food will last longest, will you have access to places to buy food along the way and how will you prepare the food. Choose foods by how easy they will be to carry and prepare.

Pack light, although you need to pack for all events – wet and dry weather etc. Keep clothes to a minimum, in most cases you can wash some clothing along the route or live in the same jeans for a week!

The necessary equipment for an adventure trip can be expensive but you can buy second-hand, rent or borrow all kinds of specialty equipment and climate specific clothing.

Always pack emergency items like flares, thermal silver blankets and a first aid kit. Check which emergency drugs might become essential for treating animal and insect bites.

Get fit before you go on your adventure trip, there is nothing worse than not being able to keep up or having to miss out on an activity because you are unfit.

Take a solar charger for your mobile phone. These chargers also work for camera batteries and can be purchased online. If you know there won’t be service for your phone, consider using a satellite phone, they can be a life saver in an emergency.

How long you spend on your trip depends on how long you can get away from the “real” world. Calculate the travel time to and from your destination as this takes a chunk out of your trip.

Go on an adventure trip with someone you get along with and someone of similar fitness level so you are not kept back by others. Consider hooking up with a club or taking a group adventure trip with people who have similar interests.

If it is your first adventure trip then consider going with an organized group with a guide. Independent travelers might also choose to incorporate an organized activity into their adventure trip.

Consider taking fast transportation to get you to the focal points of your trip. Spend time on what is really important and not on getting from point A to point B.

Integrate adventurous activities into your adventure trip. On a trip into the desert be sure to share a night with the Bedouin; in the wilderness include water rafting or in Lapland try ice fishing.

On an adventure trip try to disconnect from electronic gadgets as much as possible but have a phone in case of emergencies. Look into using an iPhone or smartphone applications to help you along the way – maps, GPS etc.

Meet the locals and learn about their traditions and way of live. Try to book a home-stay to really get a feel of the local culture.

Most importantly live life to the fullest, take calculated risks and be adventurous.

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Adventure Trip Ideas: Buckle Up and Take Deep Breaths With These Amazing Adventure Trip Ideas!

Looking for something different to do for your vacation? Something unique and thrilling? Something that will make memories that last for a lifetime? Here are some exciting adventure trip ideas to break the hum drum and get your heart pounding and your adrenaline pumping.

Head off to New Brunswick Canada for some lakeside hunting with friends. A bear camp alongside Long Lake complete with cabins for groups of up to eight friends is the perfect way to enjoy a vacation. Bring your guns, your love of tracking, nature and wildlife and head off with an experienced guide to hunt black bear, deer, ruffled grouse and more. In the evenings, relax by a campfire and exchange stories (you can even throw in a few facts if you want!) with your friends. Although it’s a little cold for most people, this is seems to be the most popular of all adventure trip ideas.

For truly heart-pounding adventure, that will leave you breathless, do some kite skiing across the Northwest Passage of the Canadian Arctic. Wild, frozen and wonderful, this land holds opportunities to ski over vast open areas. Do some night skiing with only your headlamp and the stars for light. Maybe you will even see the aurora borealis. You can dog sled or do some ice fishing. Sea kayak to Bear Island. One of the coldest adventure trip ideas, the Arctic, is barren and beautiful; the perfect place for an adventure vacation.

If you prefer warmer climates, head off to the Florida Keys for some interesting interactions with sharks. Cage diving is a thrilling way to see Tiger, bulls and lemon sharks and others in their own habitat. The Gulf Stream is home to warm waters and loads of sharks. Step into a cage that floats on top of the water. From there you can safely view these beautiful carnivores as they swim right up to the bars of your cage. Be sure to book with a quality outfit to get the best experience. Take an underwater camera for selfies with the sharks- guaranteed to be the talk of your next office party!

One of the hottest adventure vacation ideas, Dominica is the place to be. A hike to Boiling Lake is a 7-8 hour trek that covers hot springs, steam vents, mud pots and Sulfur vents all bubbling up from a flooded fumarole. Morne Trios Pitons National Park holds this volcanic treasure. Grab an experienced guide for this dangerous and strenuous trek.

Cascading is a popular and daring sport in the Dominican Republic. The Cordillera Septentrional mountain range is perfect for engaging in this activity of rappelling down sheer cliff faces, climbing waterfalls, jumping into fresh-water pools from heights of up to 25 feet and swimming through rivers. This extreme sport will test your endurance and physical as well as mental abilities.

Spelunking, heli-skiing, pearl diving- no matter what adventure sport you choose, there is a great big world out there full of fascinating things to do and see. This year, use your vacation to satisfy that inner yearning for adventure. Strike out to any part of the world to find your newest sport love. Go ahead and get ready to take let it all out with one of our adventure trip ideas.

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