Adventure Trip Minus the Ridiculous Cost

Going for an adventure trip with your friends? If you are, then go ahead with the planning. Do not make budget or your financial status be a hindrance towards that perfectly laid out adventure trip plan. For even if this kind of trip isn’t the usual one, you can still make this happen without involving the big bucks.

Usually, the idea of going for an adventure trip involves costs. This is because the real essence of adventure travel entails a unique exploration of a remote destination. This is usually done together with like-minded individuals who are under the “leadership” of professionals.

From this definition alone, it is clear that there’s a lot of cost entailed. For one, you need to pay for these professionals who will guide you through your exotic exploration. Of course, you need to pay for tickets and travel packages.

But, can adventure trip be made possible without burning your pockets? Indeed, it is. Here are some tips:

Remember your Camping Skills

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to pay for an expansive hotel room, go pack your tent and sleeping bag. Not only you will be able to save on costs, but more importantly, you will have the chance to revisit your camping skills developed during your younger years. You will not lay comfortably on comfortable mattresses but you will be able to sleep tight knowing that you are safe and sound using one of man’s earliest skills. Now, this is really some kind of an adventure trip, right?

Be Physically Fit

When doing your adventure travel planning be sure to include being physically fit. This kind of travel has some physical activity involved, so be prepared to walk more, run more and of course, jump more. When it comes to participating in a trip that has an adventurous twist, you need to be prepared to walk long hours. This allows you to save on your transportation costs, because instead of boarding the bus, you are now open to the idea of walking.

Get Ready with Instant Remedies

An adventure trip, or any traveling for that matter, is not worthwhile if along the way you have some bodily complaints. A mountain hiking wouldn’t be as enjoyable if a migraine is walking with you on the trails. Exploring a secluded yet pristine beach would not give you a sunny disposition if you are photosensitive and rashes grow on any part of your body every time you get exposed to the sun.

Therefore, on your adventure trip that has dash of adventure, make sure that you have your first aid medical kit ready. Have your pain killers handy. Don’t forget anti-itch creams and tablets for diarrhea. Adventure trip is to a large extent also about adventure eating. In order for you not to become a killjoy, get ready with your back up remedies.

Better to be safe than sorry, right? So make sure that on your adventure trip, you have your emergency numbers with you. Have your doctor’s number ready. Make sure you have the contact number of the nearest hospital.

Traveling is a great stress-reliever. That is no mystery to anyone. How much more enjoyable should one trip be if it revolves around adventure. When planning for an adventure trip, remember the pointers mentioned above. More importantly, bear in mind that such a kind of travel doesn’t need to be expensive.

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How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe While on an Adventure Trip

Taking an adventure trip can be amazing fun, full of excitement and adrenaline. The challenge is keeping your gadgets safe during this trip. There are so many ways in which your gadgets could be compromised – pickpockets, you drop it in a river, canyon, from a moving vehicle, and so on.

You could just leave without any of your gadgets and go completely off grid, but that may not be such a good idea, especially if you’re going on an adventure trip. These gadgets help you find hotels at short notice, making sense of the local public transportation system, translating languages to help you communicate better, money transfers, GPS, etc.

So, how do you ensure that these handy little devices are protected during your adventures? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Get Some Gadget Travel Insurance

Before you do anything else, get all your gadgets insured. Most good travel insurance policies will offer gadget travel insurance which will cover your gadgets. When you’re on adventure trips, there are chances that your gadgets could be lost, stolen or damaged. However, if they are insured, it will take just a few days to have them replaced.

Do NOT Have too Many Gadgets

If you carry fewer gadgets, there are also fewer chances of damage, loss or theft. Having too many gadgets attracts attention, which means that there is a higher chance that your expensive devices could get stolen. It is also easier to lose track of them when you have too many gadgets. The best thing you can do is just keep one or two gadgets with you on your trip; usually a smartphone and a camera are enough.

Use a Simple Over-the-Shoulder Bag to Store Your Gadgets

If you are carrying a fancy bag in which you have put your gadgets, you are inviting trouble. Instead, get a non-descript over-the-shoulder bag that you can clutch in front of you in a crowded area. You can even invest in one of those anti-theft bags that are available in the market today.

Change Your Camera Strap

Nothing invites more unwelcome attention than a camera strap that advertises the brand of your camera. Change your camera strap to something low-key and non-descript, so that even if the strap hangs out of your bag, no one will pay attention to it.

Make Use of the Hotel Safe

Most hotels provide a safe in their guest rooms. So use it. Your insurance company will not cover thefts from hotel rooms if the gadgets were not kept in a safe. And if you’re going to be out the entire day participating in an adventure activity, then you don’t want to be encumbered with too much baggage.

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Adventure Trips – From the Extreme to the More Laidback, New Zealand Has it All!

Adventure comes in many forms and for most of us it’s moving out of our comfort zone and having an unusual or exciting experience where often there is danger or some kind of risk involved. There are a huge range of extremes – for some people booking a first-time international air ticket is enough but others thrive on taking holidays where the whole trip must be an adventure; from having no contact with the outside world, to getting robbed in broad daylight, to negotiating dodgy transport that even the locals won’t use.

The vast majority of travelers want exciting activity options with the hazards outlined clearly, degrees of fitness (or madness) required and reviews of the activity posted up on the internet for everyone to see. New Zealand has been a mecca for adrenaline junkies for years, and the increase in commercial activity tourism was arguably kick-started in 1987 by a crazy Kiwi guy jumping off the Eiffel Tower in Paris, attached to a super-stretchy elastic bungy cord.

A J Hackett’s stunt took the world by storm and the following year he created a site in Queenstown, New Zealand to become the world’s first commercial public bungy. Originally inspired by the “land divers” of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu – young men who jumped from tall wooden platforms with vines tied to their ankles as a test of their courage and passage into manhood – A J Hackett became the ‘father of bungy jumping’ expanding his adventure business from New Zealand to Europe, America and Asia.

Queenstown took the new bungy jump attraction to heart and as more tourism operators started, the town was labeled the ‘adventure capital of the world’ – a title it still claims today, twenty years later. Now tourists in New Zealand can choose from a wide range of exciting activities in the air, on land or in the water. At the quieter end of the extreme scale you can go horse trekking for a day or on a guided walk through ancient limestone caves, while building yourself up for G force tandem paragliding, aerobatic stunt plane rides or maybe a spot of heli rafting.

The best thing about planning your adventure trip in New Zealand is that the whole country is in on the ‘adrenaline’ buzz so you’re not tied down geographically. As a lot of these activities are weather dependent – if for example your sky dive is cancelled in Paihia then you can try your jump in Taupo and moving southwards in your trip, you’ll easily find more providers to fulfill your skydive dream.

New Zealand operates to international guiding standards and is leading the way in regulation assessments in a number of areas including rafting, kayaking and canyoning. Having qualified companies all over the country gives travelers less excuses to not take the plunge and look their fear in the face! Whether adventure is a state of mind, an addiction or a one-off life changing experience for you, then a New Zealand trip is full of endless possibilities.

Black Sheep Touring Company Limited. Formed in 1994, Black Sheep touring offers tours to New Zealand that offer a unique blend of luxury, adventure trips, cultural understanding, and interaction with our environment. With one of the lowest guest-to-guide ratios in the industry, the Black Sheep travel experience is very rich and personalized. A travel group size of 12 or less allows us unparalleled flexibility and the ability to offer each and every one of our guests a unique experience that is enriching for years after.

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