Choosing and Preparing for an Adventure Trip

Numerous adventure trips you can engage with during summer vacation are only enjoyable if you take time to enjoy every short stop in between the trip. But before you decide which adventures you will avail of, there are considerations you need to think about first.

Your style defines the type of trip you should choose. In Australia, do these activities and tours sound like fun – Bay of Fires walk, Maria Island walk, and Blue Mountains walk? When you walk, do you stop by scenic areas such as hill tops or the edge off a cliff overlooking the lowlands? How about hiking, mountain biking, or kayaking? Do you love camping out during the night or staying overnight at either a rural hut or a lavish lodge? Knowing what you want to do will help you decide on what type of adventure trip you can participate with.

Once you’ve chosen the type of adventure you’d like to try based on your interests and what you enjoy, the next step is to find a company which can guide you on a tour. You may ask people you know, particularly those who are adventurous themselves for referrals. You can also read local publications. Lastly, you may search the web for legitimate adventure companies. When searching, be specific with the kind of activity you’d prefer to do. Once you have a list of potential touring agencies, compare them before settling for one. You can use factors such as rates, features, equipment, training provided, company experience, customer testimonials, and more.

After choosing the right company, initiate contact over the phone or via email so you can further address your concerns and find out if there are any requirements needed prior to the trip. Some companies may require physical exams. Some companies will also ask you to sign a waiver stating that they have no responsibility in case complications occur out of your failing health or poor tolerance for physical activity.

In relation to the latter, make a personal assessment of what you can actually do before forcing yourself to participate in tiring tours. Can you manage to walk for hours? When it comes to preparing on the other hand, tour agencies may require you to undergo training for a month or more prior to the trip. Preparation may include gym classes or workouts using the treadmill, stationary bike, or a StairMaster. You may even need to have extended walks or hikes during weekends and on dirt roads and not concrete streets if possible. Major adventures like climbing high mountains will need longer training.

Preparation and training also include being used to carrying a loaded backpack when walking. This is because it’s going to be part of your trip. You can get used to this by backpacking to and from work. The size and weight of the backpack on the other hand will be dependent on the duration of your trip. Your adventure backup will need to have the following essential items included: water, food or energy boosting snacks, sunscreen, jacket or light piece of clothing, and medicines.

Apart from the essentials, every adventure bud must be prepared with a personal first aid and emergency kit or gear. These include the following:

• first aid kit which include bandages
• emergency kit just in case you get lost which include a whistle, compass, blanket, matches, strings, duct tape, and iodine tablets
• flashlight with extra batteries, binoculars, knife, and insect repellent

Boots are also important as they spell the difference between a comfortable and agonising trip. Thus, boots should fit properly in order to provide a good support for your ankles during arduous walks, hikes, and climbs. The same applies to socks. Use socks made of synthetic anti-moisture materials. These are even better than cotton. Clothes on the other hand will either be provided by the tour company or you will be given with instructions on what to purchase and where to buy them. Common travel clothing are normally made of waterproof, sun proof, and breathable materials.

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